The media loves her!

Jill of all trades or as she likes to be called SuperQuest, does it all! Enjoy her music video, interview & performance & more!

Hopeline tv interview

We bring you Hopeline S4 EP2 "T-Quest Takeover." Starring T-Quest!!!! It was her Birthday so you know we had to have her bless our show real quick and turn up!!!!!






Interview w/ step ya game up

Get to know T-Quest a little more by listening to this interview. She touches on subjects that you may have not known about her.

Keeping it real interview  

Welcome to the 13th episode of Keeping It Real: LIVE! On this episode, David King and Fred Cilbrith III talk to Tara "T quest" Little who is a local hip-hop artist and rapper. Prepare for T quest take over. Sit back and enjoy this episode.



T-Quest verse on Natural Beauty by Tony K. Performed at Piggy's in Hartford CT 07/25/17


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