Tara vs T-Quest

I am an entertainer
I love to entertain
I love blazing the stage
I love rocking the mic
I love spitting bars
I love hitting high notes
I love dancing to every drum in the beat
No one Can tell me nothing when I'm performing but what happens when the music stops
What happens when I get out of my zone. A zone where I'm T-Quest Ms. Gotta Love Me herself. The confident diva who knows her talent and showcase them well. What happens when I turn back into Tara the quiet soft spoken insecure female. Wishing I can be like T-Quest. Wishing I can be as cool and confident as she is. The funny part, when I'm in T-Quest mode, I'm secretly getting jealous of Tara. Ms. Goody two shoe who does no wrong. Everyone loves and respect her. She's such a lady. People look at me like I'm Crazy. Tara jealous of T-Quest and T-Quest is jealous of Tara. Lost and confused on both ends. When I finally wake up and face reality. What I Realize I am she and she is me. When I finally find myself. Love my self and find the balance Tara & T-Quest that will be a day I will Officially realize that the two together is a powerful force, not to mess with. Imagine what I'll be capable of then... Meow


Today's Message


We live in a world where everything seems like a joke. Firm alrams goes off but no one is panicking, everynoes laughign and slowly walkig about as if it's not that serious. This is a major problem. I'm scared for the new geration after mines. What positve outcome will happem?


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