This is only a test

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uff arms, chizzle chest, sweat dripping all over his body in all the right places. Gotta love a man who basically lives in the gym. The man who just caught my eye had my attention asap. At the time, my friend was applying for a job at my gym, I was working out during her interview. I decided to take a seat in the front to rest while she wrapped up her interview. While I was relaxing in the chair, I just happen to look up. There he was. His walk was so smooth, it almost looked as if he was gliding. Usually, when I'm at the gym working out, I don't talk to the guys, barely even look in their direction. I don't want them to think I'm lusting after them or if I ask for their help, I don't want them to think I'm secretly plotting on them. I really was there just to work out and if one approach me and speak then of course I'll engage in a friendly conversation. Now back to this chocolate muscle man that was walking pass me towards the door even though it felt like he was walking in slow motion in front of me. He walked by and my eyes followed him out. He must have felt me staring because in the next breath he turned and starred back at me. Normally I would turn my head because I'm so shy but this time, I wasn't turning for nothing! Confidence came out of nowhere. I felt the role switched because even though I knew he was looking at me I didn't care. I looked at him up and down admiring his physique. I don't know who this man was, but I like what I saw! He went outside and confidence was still lingering. I turned the other way to see him and he must have been curious too because he turned and looked at me. He waved his hand for me to come outside. My heart started to race. My friend must have felt the energy because she turned around, looked at me, looked at him outside & then looked back at me. I smiled & said I'll be right back. She already know what was up so she laughed. Even though all this new confidence came over me that quick walk outside felt like it took forever because in my mind, a million questions kept popping up. What do I say? Should I play it cool. He's so sexy, can he even really be interested in me? Omg, here comes the insecurities. See, many of us can be confident but until someone who may seem out of out league shows interests, here we go already doubting things, putting negative energy in the air. I took a breath, held my head high, open the door, walked towards him and it was trouble ever since.

Mr Music Man

Beat that drum
Press record
Time for a collaboration
Let me hop on your track
let me ride your beat
Let me rock your mic
Sounds good right. 
We're both music artists but we just don't click. We're Suppose to be the new Jay z and Beyonce but obviously that's not happening. We should be the ultimate duo I understand we're Suppose to live and breathe music  but there's more to life than just music. It's OK to clock out sometimes. 
Don't get me wrong I love hitting note and spitting them bars
Touring living life like a Rockstar! I love writing, recording, performing & touring like any other musicians but I'm also human. I'm also a woman. You want to write lyrics all day, how about writing me a love letter. You want to listen to Beats but how about listening to relaxing to some jazz. You want to pull an all nighter in the studio, how about a night of cuddling and Netflix? You want to perform but want about going to a comedy show. You want to talk business and I just want to talk. Instead of trying to be my opening act! Why don't you open up to me. I get it, we have to hustle and grind to get to the top, to get on the charts to get the awards and all but what about us? What about our relationship?  Life is all about balance.
Are you willing to balance with me?
Are you ready to vibe with me? Are you truly ready to collaborate?  
If not, I'll just find some other guy who can handle my remix

Tara vs T-Quest

I am an entertainer
I love to entertain
I love blazing the stage
I love rocking the mic
I love spitting bars
I love hitting high notes
I love dancing to every drum in the beat
No one Can tell me nothing when I'm performing but what happens when the music stops
What happens when I get out of my zone. A zone where I'm T-Quest Ms. Gotta Love Me herself. The confident diva who knows her talent and showcase them well. What happens when I turn back into Tara the quiet soft spoken insecure female. Wishing I can be like T-Quest. Wishing I can be as cool and confident as she is. The funny part, when I'm in T-Quest mode, I'm secretly getting jealous of Tara. Ms. Goody two shoe who does no wrong. Everyone loves and respect her. She's such a lady. People look at me like I'm Crazy. Tara jealous of T-Quest and T-Quest is jealous of Tara. Lost and confused on both ends. When I finally wake up and face reality. What I Realize I am she and she is me. When I finally find myself. Love my self and find the balance Tara & T-Quest that will be a day I will Officially realize that the two together is a powerful force, not to mess with. Imagine what I'll be capable of then... Meow


Today's Message


We live in a world where everything seems like a joke. Firm alrams goes off but no one is panicking, everynoes laughign and slowly walkig about as if it's not that serious. This is a major problem. I'm scared for the new geration after mines. What positve outcome will happem?


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